To all the board members and the club

       I want to thank you and the board so very much for the honor of making me an honorary member of your club.
       I enjoy helping our club with the web site or anything else that comes along and I enjoyed fellowship and friendship, at the Christmas party you all show me.
       I was more than happy to pay the dues to belong to a club where there are such wonderful members and friends.  But for you to do this is very humbling to me, and means so much.
       If you or the other board members want to add or change anything on the web site please let me know and again, thanks so much for the honorary membership.

  Your friend,

    I will be working throughout the upcoming year on expanding the Web Site and making it more useful and informative.
         Please feel free to contact Dee, Kent, or myself with your ideas, comments, and suggestions and yes even criticism for the Louisville Metro Steel Guitar Club .com Website so that we can all work together to move this great steel guitar club forward

         Please visit the web site often to see updates

         As Webmaster for the Club, I have some basic goals & responsibilities: To accomplish these goals, I will need the assistance of all of the members, and I thank you in advance for your help.

Phone:     352-860-0155

Steel Guitar Rag on the Home page played by Red Rhodes


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